The combination of our wetlab and analytical competences IS driven by the latest bigdata technologies

Our integrative skills are covering molecular epigenetic engineering, the understanding of physics of complex systems, molecular pathology and the establishment of leading-edge laboratory pathways in liquid biopsy. This is a unique approach involving different sciences. Our team has great professionals who are engaged in their specific research fields and have a global experience in R&D&I activities.


There is proven analytical power behind DNA methylation signals in cancer research, nevertheless, the potential of DNA methylation related patterns in other diseases cannot be exactly defined by today’s business activities. Our analytical reports are based on cell-free methylated DNA immunoprecipitation that is an emerging assay to accurately detect cancer through identification of tumor-specific methylation patterns in cfDNA. Data processing lasts three laboratory days until the sequencing datasets.

Characterize tumor profile over time

Minimal input of DNA

Genome-wide analysis of the methylome

Bisulfite-free technique

High sensitivity and specificity at low sequence depths

Upon request, we provide high standard field-work services, license-based business models are also available

Bigdata-driven computational analysis behind pioneer pipelines TO Open new potential of cancer-related analysis efficacy

The combination of novel datasets and leading-edge algorithms results at new generation pathways towards detection and characterization of tumors. The epigenetic alterations are conserved across patients and clinical groups thus the data we work with is extremely accurate and scalable. Furthermore, the number of relevant epigenetic mutations that we can capture is significantly – at least 10 times – higher compared to genetical mutations.

Overcome the limitations of current clinical routines

Game-changing depth of clinical evidence

Groundbreaking accuracy of analytical reports

Yet unprecedented flexibility for multiple cancer types and various analytical scopes

Upon request, we provide high standard ANALYTICAL services

Enter a new universe together

Our complex solution helps to evaluate methylation complexity with upscaled classification accuracy in a short timeframe. Epigenome-wide mapping of DNA methylation related information can be reached in a reproducible way to become a standard clinical validation workflow. Added value is scalable, does not need large investment and can be performed on customers’ facilities.

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